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Sunrise Ranch Spiritual Retreat Center has programs that empower personal transformation and world service. We offer conference facilities for leading-edge organizations, opportunities to participate in our 400-acre ranch and farm, and connection with like-minded people in this multifaceted spiritual community. Sunrise Ranch is the headquarters for Emissaries of Divine Light, a global spiritual network.

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"The level of hospitality and responsiveness of the stellar Sunrise conference staff exceeded the support we receive at five-star hotels. Beyond simple responsiveness, the support and service staff at Sunrise truly CARED about the success of our meeting and the comfort of the participants. Beyond being "guests," we felt like part of the Sunrise family."
- Jim Warner | President of OnCourse International, entrepreneur, author

"Primal Spirituality is a life-changing experience. A profound, challenging, deeply resonant teaching in the art of being human."
- Bruce C. | Primal Spirituality Series

"Thanks for being open to a high-energy youth group! The residents loved us. Overall, you have a WONDERFUL center. Thank you!!!"
- Participant from St. Andrew’s Methodist Church

"I came in willing to work on very troubling issues. I felt them fully … . It was almost too intense. Now those issues seem small and less demanding. It was a powerful process!"
- David E | Primal Spirituality 1 Course

"It opened up my heart in a beautiful way and helped me to foster deep connections with other people in the group. Just do it; you won’t regret it!"
- Erica B. | Primal Spirituality Series

"This is a magical place. I enjoyed it a lot!! The light and love from every staff member and throughout the facility was stupendous! Thank you. Continue your great work."
- Participant from Healing Sounds Intensive

"Thank you. I was so appreciative of the warm, welcoming environment and excellent atmosphere. Everything was wonderfully clean and the staff was so friendly. Your staff were like fairies. Things were taken care of as if by magic. I hardly ever saw them. Everyone was very friendly. I’m looking forward to coming back. Thank you."
- Participant from Quantum Energetics

"I have had the chance to host many workshops and conferences at Sunrise Ranch and it is by far my favorite facility. The organic food is delicious, the accommodations are comfortable, and the service is beyond compare."
- James Twyman | world-renowned author and peace troubadour

"Becoming a Sun went much deeper than I could have ever imagined! It was truly magical and has certainly changed my life! I have never attended such a profound workshop in all my journeys! I am in awe … thank you."
- Elania L. | Becoming a Sun

"Life-changing, practical workshop that helps you understand how separation happens and how to fix it, how to build a community, how to spread peace and harmony, be the best version of yourself, and how to change the world around you."
- Samer M | On Primal Spirituality 1 Course

"The Primal Spirituality courses are simply life-changing. I will continue to recommend these courses to anyone who wants to experience exponential growth. Simply brilliant."
- Bexx B. | Primal Spirituality Series

"The people who live here are the greatest. Sincere and caring. Staff were extraordinarily friendly and helpful and welcoming. Thank you!"
- Participant from Shamanic Studies

"I am very blessed to have had this opportunity to share in this heart-opening and sacred experience. I felt the puzzle pieces fit … the dots have been connected. Thank you, David and Keahi."
- Chris B. | Becoming a Sun

"For those seeking true understanding of self and others and who want to touch their true Divinity, Becoming a Sun is the course for you."
- Kimberly F. | Becoming a Sun

"I felt so at home in heart and space. So enjoyed everyone here at Sunrise. The love and light and the radiance of everyone I met, as well as the environment itself, has been so enjoyable. Thank you!"
- Participant from Blue Sun Energetics

"Wonderful people, amazing location, delicious food."
- Participant of The Nur Ashki Sufis event

"A valuable experience for any age group to encounter and embrace the structure of Blessing and Understanding into your life and relationships into family, friends, colleagues and on to the global community—expanding these principles each day."
- Karen P | Primal Spirituality 1 Course

"The world has been caught up in our own expression in what we put into it. Standing up to share a new spirit of love, the world and its creation is blessed. Sunrise Ranch is that place to experience it!"
- Samuel A | On Primal Spirituality 1 Course

"This was a great experience—everyone I met was happy and just lovely. The food couldn’t have been better!! Best people and best food I’ve ever encountered at a retreat center. The energy of the whole experience was fabulous!"
- Participant from Open Door

"We will remember the sense of peace and serenity found in this place. The energy is special; the atmosphere is reverent. Everyone here is friendly and gracious. We feel totally blessed and guided to have connected with you. Loved it all. Thank you."
- Participant from Blue Sun Energetics

"Strong and wonderful container for spiritual growth. A good blend of theory and practice."
- Dennis L. | Becoming a Sun

"Over the years I have been impressed with the ever-maturing mastery of David Karchere and his faculty colleagues for creating master teachings in the art of becoming one's true self and fully serving others. This is his masterpiece!"
- Tom C | On Primal Spirituality 1 Course

"What a powerful and engaging experience! I would recommend it to everyone seeking to move into a deeper and more loving relationship with themselves and the world around them."
- S. Foster | Primal Spirituality Series

"The people make this place. I really love the people who live at Sunrise Ranch. They made us feel welcome in their community. Wonderful location & surroundings. Thank you!"
- Participant from Healing Touch

"Discover what Blessing really is and how its potency is ever-present in our lives … this is a state of being which will elevate your life!"
- Karen B. | Primal Spirituality Series

"I feel like I learned the linchpin of life—what I should have learned and known all along. I feel stronger, clearer and empowered to be in this world and in service to the Divine."
- Karen B. | Becoming a Sun

"People were saying that they wanted to live here, they loved it so much. Everyone was very helpful and accommodating."
- Andrea I.

"There are no words to describe the deep and meaningful work that is being done in this class. If you feel even a slight tug to do this work, listen."
- Courtney H. | Primal Spirituality Series

"I highly recommend this course to all those who are looking to further their spiritual journey and find the truth of the Divine in their own lives."
- Logan E. | Primal Spirituality Series

"This course is powerful. I was able to feel transformational shifts through the processes as well as clarity and awareness from the material presented."
- Carol W. | Becoming a Sun

"I would recommend the Primal Spirituality classes to all who want to feel more alive and free … and more trusting in the Sovereign."
- Julia B. | Primal Spirituality Series

"I experienced a deep healing from a past incident that will allow me to live a much happier, more fulfilled life going forward."
- Patty M. | Becoming a Sun

"I would recommend this course to anyone who is wanting look at their own personal human experience and gain understanding, knowledge and grace … . It was life-changing!"
- Paula F. | Becoming a Sun

"I fully enjoyed and will cherish the moments of our time together in our healing and growing process. I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to delve deep and grow spiritually."
- Imelda M. | Becoming a Sun

"This class brought to light some long-hidden beliefs that needed to change in order for me to be my authentic self. Thank you!"
- Janet J. | Primal Spirituality Series

"I will always appreciate the loving atmosphere of Sunrise Ranch. What a blessing to be with all of you. Blessings to all! This is such a slice of heaven and it is hard to leave. The whole experience was sublime!"
- Participant from Healing Sounds Intensive

"David is an inspired, entertaining and wise presenter."
- Bruce C. | Becoming a Sun

"Anyone longing to bring greater blessing and understanding to their world would find this course so enriching. The course materials are beautifully designed to bring you to new levels of awareness. The closeness and deep sharing that it inspired between participants was wonderful. The facilitators were masterful."
- Patricia G. | Primal Spirituality Series

"Phenomenal workshop! Engaging and personally transformative."
- J.W. | Becoming a Sun

"The quality of food was excellent and knowing it was all blessed was beautiful. I enjoyed my visit and look forward to coming back again."
- Participant from North American Journey Practitioners Association

"This class has the potential for revolutionary changes that take place in your heart and mind."
- Ashley G. | Primal Spirituality Series

"The atmosphere and site are healing in themselves. It’s a wonderful experience to be here! :) The warmth, humor and welcome was above and beyond!! Your home is physically beautiful, and I felt welcomed by everyone I met. Ten days is a long time to spend somewhere—but I wasn’t in a rush to go. Keep up your good work."
- Participant from Healing Sounds Intensive

"What an amazing experience! It literally melted my heart to be bathed in blessing and understanding! I see now more than ever before the great power of blessing and understanding to change the world and create a new way of being together for humanity in this time of separation and confusion."
- Uma F | On Primal Spirituality 1 Course

"A true experience that has power and sustenance … . This will feed my soul for a very long time."
- Colleen S. | Becoming a Sun

"This has to be one of my favorite workshops ever due to the tremendous opening of the heart and authenticity that poured from them from everyone to everyone."
- Ana N | On Primal Spirituality 1 Course

"Thank you to all those who created and led this program. The understanding of our human capacity and its expression in the world was deeply profound. The safe container provided a very precious opportunity for vulnerable revelation."
- Linda M | On Primal Spirituality 1 Course

"I recommend Primal Spirituality to anyone looking to better understand themselves and others. The teachings are priceless to the richness of humanity."
- Shanna G. | Primal Spirituality Series

"The welcome was delightful and the stay was full of ease. And many thanks to the cooks for the delicious food. Beds were wonderfully comfortable. Food was good. Energy is great here! Thank you for taking care of us so beautifully. :)"
- Participant from Open Door

"So precious, the clarity of loving, joyful existence. A communion of people, honorably together for the highest good of all—what a heartfelt gratefulness. I’ve been to many similar places; this was by far the best experience. Why? Because of the people of this community. You all have a wonderful light and glow—the love shines in you! THANK YOU!!"
- Participant from the Healing Sounds Intensive

"I feel integrated, empowered and activated. It has given me the confidence and comfort to be in my own skin."
- Melissa J. | Primal Spirituality Series

"I highly recommend Primal Spirituality to anyone who is looking for more blessings, love and understanding in their lives."
- Imelda M. | Primal Spirituality Series

"We really appreciate how loving and supporting the staff here at Sunrise is!! And the food is awesome!!"
- Karen K., Inner Bonding Training Program

"The staff & food were wonderful! All of your staff & residents were so very friendly and helpful. It is obvious that you come from your spiritual Heart of Being. We need more like you in the world!"
- Participant from Open Door

"Loved the time here. Food and service is excellent. A beautifully peaceful, calm place."
- Participant from North American Journey Practitioners Association

"This is a very beautiful, calm, energizing, welcoming facility. Keep up the good work! Service was wonderful—food was awesome! Wonderfully warm staff. Very peaceful atmosphere and very clean. Thank you for all your hard work and attention to detail and your striving for excellence."
- Participant from Quantum Energetics

"Friendly people! Beautiful grounds, labyrinth and pond especially. Beautiful grounds; loving, kindness energy from the staff. The food was amazing. Thank you so much!"
- Participant from Healing Touch

"After taking Becoming a Sun, I feel I have more tools and strategies to ensure I will always have a happy and fulfilling life. I appreciated the truth and experience in how we can better improve all of our relationships."
- John B. | Becoming a Sun

"I feel blessed to have this place and time to gain new tools to deal with old issues that keep me stuck and unable to grow. I gained more trust and felt safe with others and with myself."
- Linda-Jo J. | Primal Spirituality Series

"The atmosphere and staff are fantastic! Wonderful energy and respect for holding a healthy open space here. Beautiful grounds and area. Thank you for your loving care and delightful attitude. Also your attention to providing our excellent comfort. THANK YOU!"
- Participant from Quantum Energetics